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Gianna Adams 




Just by looking at Gianna Adam’s list of experience, one would expect her to at least be in her twenties; however, the Las Vegas singer-songwriter is just 20 years old.  Having come from a family of industry professionals, it stands as no surprise that at a young age Gianna would develop a fondness for music.  Rather, the surprise comes from the extent of her passions and accomplishments.


Gianna has created and performed her entire life.  After writing and recording her first song at the age of five, starring in her first feature film at the age of six, and bagging the lead role in a professional theatre production at the age of eleven, Gianna has gone on to finish school early and attend Berklee College of Music.  This year, GRAMMY Camp recognized Gianna and her songwriting ability. She was one of 10 songwriters around the country chosen to attend their summer program at USC this past July.Putting shame to all the triple threats out there, Gianna has shown herself as a singing, songwriting, acting, and dancing quadruple threat.


Having sold her first song this past year, Gianna is continually looking to check off goals and prove herself as a promising young artist.  She released her first EP & a Christmas release in 2018.  She released a new single in 2019. She recently larned 2 albums she is a writer on are under consideration for the 2020 Grammy Awards. Gianna’s unique voice, blended with hints of pop, R&B, and country, complements her self-written tunes. Hitting all of her own marks, Gianna’s idea of good songwriting requires a powerful message, clever lines, a dynamic sound, and a danceable groove.  She draws inspiration from classic pop acts such as Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, and Prince. Gianna dreams of becoming a role model for young people everywhere; not just as a singer-songwriter, but also as a human being.





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