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Gianna Adams premiere's new single 'Fallen'

Las Vegas pop musician Gianna Adams has been enveloped in music since she was five years old. Her love of music transcends into performing, as she's also an actress. She's currently completed post-production on a short film titled "First Night of Summer," according to her IMDB page. Her first feature film was at the age of 6. Nonetheless, her true passion is for songwriting and dancing. She recently danced in Pharrell Williams' music video for his hit single "Happy."

Not one to settle down with just one aspiration, she has several, and is currently working on her new EP for release sometime this year. Today, she has teamed up with AXS to debut her new single "Fallen," which she tells AXS that "writing and recording 'Fallen' was such an amazing process. Having been my first collaboration with an incredible rap artist, Jhen, it was different than anything I’d done before and really brought something magical to the song.” When asked what she thought it was about, she states that "'Fallen' is a love song about the thrill of losing yourself in someone else."

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